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Three-Dimensional Boundary Visualisation (3-DBV)


Three-Dimensional Boundary Visualisation (3-DBV)

All of us possess an internal image of the boundary between us and the outside world, although it is not something of which we are generally aware.

We can externalise this unconscious picture and view it three-dimensionally by means of wooden blocks and figures (see photograph).

Using this constellation we are able to see how we “stand in the world” and how open we are to our surroundings, or how closed.

By means of such spatial representation (3-DBV) we can visualise old and more recent inter-personal dynamics and recognise and alter behavioural patterns. In this way it is possible to forge a healthy self-boundary. Just as the old, unconscious image of “being in the world” shaped us for many years, the new picture, optimised for our current life situation, can have a very positive impact.

This new therapeutic approach can be learnt at our centre in Basel (see Services), in Germany as well as in Holland (www.ikgrensbewustzijn.nl).

A good introduction to this work can be found in the german book “In mir und um mich herum (In Me and Around Me)”, Synergia, 2014 (see extract). 

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